Don't blame fundamentalist Muslims for terrorist acts: Rafidah

PETALING JAYA: Blaming fundamentalist Muslims for acts of extremism and terrorism is wrong, says Tan Sri Rafidah Aziz.

The former cabinet minister in a Facebook post on Monday said that while news reports tend to equate acts of terrorism with fundamentalist Muslims, the world must recognise that fundamentalists of any religion follow the tenets of their faith and that no religion encourages extremism and terrorism.

"These are the Muslim towards which fingers will be always pointed because fundamentalist Muslims are perceived to be those who perpetrate heinous crimes in the name of Allah and in the cause of Islam.

"It is time that people get it right! First, the vast majority of Muslims in the world are fundamentalist Muslims, because we believe in core fundamental principles and teachings of Islam, which teach and exhort upon us to be moderate in everything we do," said Rafidah.

She said that in every religion there is always a minority which deviates and interprets the faith according to their own personal understanding.

"There are those who become extremists, with the extremely divisive 'us and you' attitude.

"Such views and interpretation can and sadly does lead to behaviours and acts of terrorism, where they are out on a rampage to destroy others who are different from them," she said.

Rafidah added that it is time to separate extremism and terrorism from the fundamentalist majority.

"The fundamentalists believe in harmonious coexistence with everyone else and do not condone self styled extremism.

"We reject what the terrorists are doing. I am a Muslim who adheres to the fundamentals of my religion, thus I am a fundamentalist Muslim, so the world must get that right," she said. On Friday, at least 129 people were killed in a series of suicide bombings and shootings across Paris.