Don't spare my car if parked illegally, says Penang official

A photo uploaded on Facebook on Nov 22, 2014 showing PG1, Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng's car, allegedly parked illegally at a bicycle lane in front of a bus depot in Georgetown.

PENANG - "I've told my driver that if he was wrong (parking illegally), he has to face the consequences and be penalised," he said at the Penang Democratic Action Party annual convention yesterday.

He was replying to Chai Leng Park branch delegate Shamsher Singh Thind, who remarked that the MPPP had been diligent in towing away cars, but when it was the chief minister's car, they "buat bodoh" (turned a blind eye).

It was reported on MPPP Watch's Facebook page that Mr Lim's official car, with the licence plate "PG1", had been spotted parked on the bicycle lane in front of Hin Bus Depot in Jalan Gurdwara.

The photo was taken on Friday, when Mr Lim went to the depot to launch an event.

He also asked Chow Kon Yeow, chairman of the Local Government, Traffic Management and Flood Mitigation Committee, to instruct the MPPP and Seberang Prai Municipal Council to issue summonses to executive councillors if their cars were found to be parked illegally.

"Sometimes, drivers take the convenient way and park illegally. We will ask the local councils to issue summonses if there is proof," he said.

Mr Lim also chided the media for playing up the issue of his car rather than reporting on other matters he had raised.

"We're not saying that the report on the parking of my car is wrong, but we hope for fair treatment on other news too," he said.