Dr M: Give up racial dominance

PETALING JAYA - Malaysians must rid themselves of the idea of racial dominance and instead share this country in a fair manner, said Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

The former prime minister said the concept of sharing political power and economic wealth "took a different road" when the Barisan Nasional government decided to adopt a more liberal approach, both politically and economically, after the 2004 general election.

"In other words, the idea of fair sharing of political power and economic wealth between the different races should be terminated.

"It (Barisan) believed this would make it more popular. The Opposition would have no issues to attack the coalition," he said in the latest posting in his blog chedet.cc.

He said that after the 2008 polls, pro-sharing Malays were dismayed that the trend towards liberalisation remained and support for Barisan, particularly among the Chinese, did not return despite belief that it would if the sharing policies of the New Economic Policy were not implemented.

Dr Mahathir said that instead, the DAP dangled before the Chinese the possibility of having both political and economic dominance.

"Malaysians by and large are not violent people. But for how long can Malaysia remain stable in the face of persistent violation of the good understanding and the sharing of power between the races?

"Malaysians must banish from their minds the idea of racial dominance. This country must be shared and shared fair by all the races," he said.