Dr Mahathir is all praise for this year's air and maritime exhibition

Dr Mahathir Mohamad

LANGKAWI - Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad who has never failed to attend LIMA since its inception in 1991, is all praise for the 13th edition, the biggest one so far.

The former prime minister is happy to see the participation of many local companies at LIMA and more than 100 jets and planes.

"There are also more companies joining LIMA 2015 and what is interesting is half of the exhibitors are Malaysian companies.

"This is an achievement as not even one local company took part in the early editions of LIMA," he told the press during his visit to Malaysia's Krisakti aerobatic jets in Mahsuri International Exhibition Centre's tarmac yesterday.

He attributed this to the improvement of Malaysians in the electronic sector and airplane technology.

Lauding the Malaysian Aerospace Industry Blueprint (2015-2030), Mahathir said it would take some time for it to materialise.

"Take Singapore as an example, they have a strong air force and sophisticated jets but our approach is different, we are more on the manufacturing technology," he said.

He said Malaysia's efforts to further enhance the military technology was not meant to be at war with other countries but to make sure the country was not lagging behind.