Dried shrimps sprayed with substance caught on clip

PHOTO: YouTube video screenshot

KOTA KINABALU - Dried seafood has become one of Sabah's most sought after products for domestic and foreign tourists, mainly because of the good reviews on their freshness, quality and hygiene level.

However, can people be sure that the dried produce they buy and bring home for friends and family are really as fresh or as hygienic as pictured?

Questions on this were raised yesterday when a video showing two men spraying some substance on dried shrimps meant for sale at the central market here went viral.

Social media users have express­ed shock and concern over the vi­­deo which had garnered more than 10,000 views and shared almost a thousand times just hours after it was uploaded.

The video was shared by a Face­book user who works at the Sinsuran area in downtown Kota Kinabalu.

When contacted, the video uploader who wished to remain anonymous, said that was the first time she noticed them doing such a thing out in the open space.

"I wonder if this has been going around for some time because they seemed unconcerned and did not care there were people looking at what they were doing," she said.

However, it was learnt that city hall officials came to know about the video not long after it was posted and had gone to the area to speak to the two men.

The officials also took samples and ordered the two men to pack up and leave with them.