Drive, stop and buy sex drugs

MALAYSIA- A prostitution hub in Kuala Lumpur - Lorong Haji Taib - has also become a thriving "drive-through" centre for illegal sexual enhancement drugs.

In a series of undercover investigations, Harian Metro reported that the "traders" would set up foldable tables and small wooden boxes along the 100m stretch of road from 11pm to 4am.

They were mostly drug addicts seeking an income to finance their habit while their customers were mostly those who engaged the services of the prostitutes in the area.

Buyers in cars and on motorcycles only have to stop beside the pavement, choose their preferred drug - which was sold for about RM10 (S$3.70) per dose - and pay the seller before moving off.

Some traders also held empty drug packets that they sold in the open. The contents were hidden near drains or behind walls so the sellers can avoid getting arrested in case of a police raid.

A seller, known as Abang Mat, told an undercover reporter that he could earn about RM50 a night after deducting expenses for food and his drug habit.

At least 10 sellers ply their trade on the street on any one night, with a distance of about 10m between each "stall".

The Pharmacy Enforcement Division's prevention and consumer protection section head, Mohd Shahid Yahaya, said the authorities found that the drugs were being sold in small amounts.

"Previously, they brought big bags filled with all sorts of pills to be displayed but now they carry empty packets and stash the contents elsewhere.

"A syndicate hires drug addicts and those loitering in the area to be their salesmen," he said.

The drugs were smuggled in from other countries at RM3 a box and sold for between RM30 and RM50, according to the report.