Ebola checks at airports found wanting, say Malaysian journalists

KUALA LUMPUR - As they passed through airports on the way to their assignments, journalists from The Star kept their eyes peeled for measures put in place to prevent the spread of Ebola, or any lack of such protocol.

Farik Zolkepli boarded the 9.30am flight for Perth at the KL International Airport (KLIA) on Tuesday.

"I was not put through any health checks at KLIA although there were several medical personnel around.

"I did not see any specialised equipment to scan people for Ebola symptoms.

"Maybe they only scan travellers coming into the country?" he asked.

When he landed in Perth, it was a similar situation at the airport.

"There were only the usual checks for contraband," he said.

His colleague Rahmah Ghazali was returning here from an event in Indonesia.

"I experienced our first line of defence and in my opinion the process should be stricter," she said.

"No one from the airport authority or health department stopped me or any other passenger for a health check."

"It was the same at the airport in Jakarta."