The Edge to know its fate tomorrow

KUALA LUMPUR - The Edge Communications Sdn Bhd will know tomorrow if it can proceed to print pending the disposal of its judicial review against the Home Minister.

The publication had sought a court decision to revoke an order from the Home Minister to suspend its two publications over articles on the 1Malaysia Development Bhd issue.

The Home Minister, meanwhile, has asked the court to reject the stay, saying that it was merely for three months.

However, The Edge argued that they wanted to protect and prevent the loss of fundamental liberties guaranteed under the Federal Constitution.

The court has set Sept 7 to hear arguments, both parties confirmed to reporters yesterday.

The Home Ministry, in a letter sent to the senior managing editor of the company, Ahmad Azam Mohd Aris, on July 23, said the articles on 1MDB by The Edge were detrimental to public order, security and national interest. It also said that failure to comply with the suspension order would result in the revocation of the publishing permits of the publications.