Egyptian varsities postpone start of new session to Oct 19

Malaysian students have been advised by the embassy not to share any political opinions on the situation there with Egyptians as even some of their university professors could be supporters of either side.

KUALA LUMPUR - The new session for all universities in Egypt will be postponed to Oct 19 while all examinations will begin on Sept 21.

This, however, would depend on whether the situation there was stable and conducive at that time, said the Education Ministry in a statement.

Malaysian authorities had discussed the matter with Egyptian university officials recently.

The ministry has advised students to postpone their journey to Egypt due to the instability there where Kaherah and Iskandariah are still under curfew.

Moreover, the travel advisory from the Home Ministry not to visit Egypt is still in place.

As of Aug 30, 2,791 students have been brought home from Egypt.

For students who need to return to Egypt to sit for their examinations on Sept 21, the ministry said they should be careful and not be involved in any gatherings or demonstrations.

They should always be in touch with the Malaysian High Commission in Kaherah and the Education Malaysia Kaherah.

Meanwhile, Kaherah University has agreed to hold a repeat examination for 121 students at Universiti Putra Malaysia from Sept 10-16.

They should check for the examination schedule and name list.

Al-Azhar University has agreed to set up its first overseas branch campus here and would temporarily operate in Nilai this month while waiting for the permanent campus called Universiti Al-Azhar, Kampus Tuanku Muhriz, Malaysia, in Seri Menanti to be completed.

To begin with, three courses will be offered - Usuluddin, Syariah and Arab language.

A briefing session and gathering of students with professional bodies and higher education institutions offering medicine, dentistry, pharmacy and Islamic studies will be held on Sept 12.

Parents and students are invited to attend the briefing at the Za'aba Hall of the Education Ministry in Putrajaya from 8am to 5pm.