Elderly Malaysian man's 5 minutes of steamy WeChat 'fun' turns into blackmail

IPOH - It seemed like a harmless five minutes of steamy "fun" in front of the camera. But it quickly turned into a nightmare for a 64-year-old bachelor when he learned that his explicit moments were recorded by the recipient.

Mr Ong Chong Lim, who works as a part-time cleaner, is now being extorted for US$5,000 (S$6,580) in exchange for his recordings to be kept offline.

Mr Ong's troubles started on Thursday night when he messaged a girl called Angelina, whom he befriended on Facebook.

"I approved her request in the day and she asked me to message her on WeChat at around 11pm.

"She told me she felt lonely and wanted to video call me," he told a press conference on Saturday (April 21).

During the video call, Mr Ong said the person in the camera looked similar to the girl in Angelina's Facebook profile photo.

He said she started taking off her clothes and posing seductively for the camera without saying a word.

"She started performing lewd acts," he said, describing her as "a fair, young girl with a nice body".

Admitting that he liked what he saw, Mr Ong said he did not think twice when she asked him to do the same.

On Friday morning, the girl messaged him again, showing him pictures and recordings of what he had done the previous night.

"She told me to pay US$5,000, otherwise she would upload all my pictures and videos onto Facebook and YouTube.

"That's a lot of money. I told her I could only afford RM3,000 (S$1,012).

"I've been worried sick ever since. I have a lot of family members on Facebook and I don't want them to see such shameful visuals of me," said Mr Ong.

According to him, Angelina's Facebook account had since been deleted.

Perak DAP Public Complaints Bureau chief Steven Chaw, who arranged for the press conference, advised the public not to trust strangers on social media so easily.

"I also urge victims who are facing a similar situation not to give in to extortion because the demand is never going to end," he said.

Mr Chaw added that he would help Mr Ong lodge a police report.