Eurasians in shock over deaths of unsung heroes after car plunges 5 storeys

An elderly couple fell to their death when the car they were traveling in plunged down from the fifth floor of a multi-storey car park at Duta Vista Apartment.

KUALA LUMPUR - The deaths of a loving elderly couple, described as the "unsung heroes" of the Eurasian community in the Klang Valley, have left friends and family members in shock.

Paul William Nunis and his wife, Mary Nunis nee Mary Rodrigues, both 71, were killed when the car they were in plunged five storeys from a car park in Duta Vista apartment at about 8pm on Sunday.

The Telekom Malaysia retirees had just left a reunion hosted by the Selangor and Federal Territory Eurasian Association (Saftea) at the apartment.

Saftea president Sheila De Costa said she had seen William, who was fondly called "Willie", and Mary during dinner earlier.

"Usually, I would just have a brief conversation with guests but I managed to sit down and talk to both Willie and Mary.

"I never realised it would be the last time I would see them," she said.

De Costa said the couple, who had been members of Saftea for more than 30 years, were the unsung heroes of the association who often worked behind the scenes for any events or gatherings.

She said Willie was regarded as the association's "MacGyver", because he was an expert at all forms of handiwork and had even set up its sound system.

"He always volunteered to help, even if he was a guest. Mary was equally wonderful. She would cook delicious meals for our events," she said.

De Costa said Willie also usually served as the host or master of ceremony for the association's events.

"He would make events fun and lively. He also loved to sing 'The room at the top of the stairs' at most of our events," she said.

De Costa said Willie and Mary were a loving couple, always had time for friends, were warm and generous and never expected anything in re­­turn.

"We have received condolences from the presidents of Eurasian Associations from Penang, Johor, Negri Sembilan and Perak.

"This shows how far their love had spread," she said, adding that members, friends and their family were devastated over the shocking deaths.

Mary's brother-in-law Jerry Francis said he still could not believe that both of them were gone.

"They were such a joyous and happy couple. William was active in sports in his younger days," he said.

Francis, a retired journalist, said the couple were survived by three children and seven grandchildren.

He said funeral would be held at the Church of Divine Mercy in Shah Alam on Thursday.