Ex-husband denies rape allegations

KULIM, Malaysia - Twenty-year-old Mohd Fahmi Mohamed Alias has denied that he raped Nor Fazira Saad and married her to avoid being prosecuted.

"We only had sex after marriage," he said when met at his house in Kampung Nagalilit near here.

He claimed that his wife had an affair with a man from Kuala Ketil for three to four months before he came to know about it.

"My friends who were there saw her being very close to a man. She met him while doing odd jobs at Padang Serai town (in Kulim district).

"Not wanting to create an ugly scene, I decided to divorce her," he added.

He pronounced the talak satu, a divorce which allows a couple to reconcile later if they so wish. This is unlike talak tiga where the former wife has to marry someone else and then divorce her new husband before the couple can remarry.

Mohd Fahmi said that he and Nor Fazira were a loving couple until the man "wrecked" their marriage.

"She was very rude to my parents and she did not cook at all.

"She would run out of the house every time something upset her," Mohd Fahmi said, adding that Nor Fazira was a changed person after they married.

His mother, who declined to be named, vehemently denied that Nor Fazira was never fed.

"We took good care of her and tolerated her nasty attitude," she said.

Mohd Fahmi, who works at an oil palm plantation, earns about RM1,000 (S$390) a month. He quit schooling when he was 16 to do odd jobs.

He claimed that he met Nor Fazira only two months before their marriage last November.

"It was initially like a brother-and-sister relationship but our feelings grew deeper later," said Mohd Fahmi.