'Ex-lover asked for sex 6 times daily'

'Ex-lover asked for sex 6 times daily'

KUALA LUMPUR - A Bosnian man, who claimed that he was used by his ex-lover for sex and to get a child with European genes, filed a suit against the woman seeking RM600,000 (S$230,000) in compensation.

Ervin Ahbabovic, 41, a permanent resident who has been in the country since 1995, filed the suit at the Sessions Court here on Friday.

Ahbabovic, who is commercial director of a company, claimed that he fell in love with the 29-year-old local woman in 2008 and hoped they would get married one day.

They lived together and the woman gave birth to their son in 2010. 

In his statement of claim, Ahbabovic said their relationship went sour after the baby was born and his lover kept finding fault with him.

"At the same time, I realise that her sexual desire and dominance started to go beyond normal boundaries. She demanded sexual intercourse six times a day with approximately one hour for each session," he stated in the claim.

He said he initially thought her sexual desire towards him was based on love and affection, but he was wrong.

He alleged that the woman would threaten to commit suicide if her sexual lust was not fulfilled.

Ahbabovic claimed that he continued to stay with the woman as he wanted to convince her to marry him and change her behaviour.

However, he later voiced his protest as he felt uneasy and feared the woman's actions.

"As a result, she insulted, scolded, yelled and threatened to evict me from the house," he said, adding that he was chased out of the house after he expressed his dissatisfaction to the woman a second time.

He further claimed that he felt humiliated, subdued, shocked and sad by the woman's actions.

Ahbabovic alleged that he was also prevented from seeing his son.

He claimed that the woman had told him she was only using him to satisfy her sexual desires and she wanted a child with European genes. Ahbabovic said he felt insulted, traumatised and was deeply hurt by the woman's remark.

He is seeking RM600,000 from her for using his sperm to get a child in a wrongful manner, together with interests and costs.

He also wants to be recognised as the father in his son's birth certificate.

Lawyer Nasir Yusof said the suit was fixed for hearing on Oct 1.

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