Ex-model's Petaling Street case fixed for Sept 21 re-mention

KUALA LUMPUR - A Magistrate's court has fixed Sept 21 for re-mention and submission of documents in the case of Persana Avril Sollunda.

Speaking after mention hearings, Persana's lawyer Kevin Tan said that these documents included medical reports and police reports.

"These are documents essential to the case under Section 51A of the Criminal Procedure Code," said Tan after proceedings before magistrate Zuraini Abdul Razak.

The prosecution was represented by Prosecuting officer Assistant Commissioner Nom Phot Prackdit.

The former model and spa worker from Sabah had pleaded not guilty on April 28 to a charge under Section 294 of the Penal Code of committing an obscene act in public after a video of her removing her top and bra went viral on social media.

On May 29, Magistrate Nur A'minahul Mardiah Md Nor had ordered Sollunda to be warded at the Taman Bahagia hospital under section 342 of the Criminal Procedure Code for a month-long psychiatric evaluation.