'Exclusive' new video showing MH17 crash site may be recycled footage


PETALING JAYA - The so-called exclusive new video of the MH17 crash site posted by Australian News Corp might be recycled footage.

BBC’s Australia correspondent Jon Donnison said in a tweet that BBC broadcast the News Corp footage a year ago.

He also tweeted that he was “looking forward to an apology” from the Daily Telegraph and The Australian, the two News Corp media outlets which also ran the story.

News Corp posted a video titled “Horror Reveals MH17 aftermath” on July 16, saying it was footage taken by Russian-backed rebels who arrived minutes after the Malaysia Airlines passenger plane crashed.

CNN and other international media outlets picked up the video, which had over 1.2 million views on YouTube.

New Zealand portal Stuff reported that the international Joint Investigation Team (JIT) conducting the criminal investigation into the MH17 crash had already seen “large parts” of the video.

A spokesman said any new material from the video would be investigated to determine its authenticity and relevance.

News Corp claimed that the video was a “world exclusive” as it was filmed by the rebels themselves and obtained by the news agency “after a 12-month pursuit”.

The 4:12 minute-long video shows men in military fatigues at a crash site going through remains and passengers’ baggage, searching for a second fighter jet they believed they had shot down.

A transcript of the full 17-minute version of the video suggests that there may have been a fighter jet which shot down flight MH17 and was itself later shot down by the rebels.