Fake firearms are illegal in Malaysia

KUALA LUMPUR - All imitation firearms, including those used for sports activities and without licences, must be surrendered to police within a month.

Federal police Logistics Department director Datuk Zulkifli Abdullah said all imitation firearms, which resembled genuine ones, must be turned in.

He said the public was given until Dec 25 to do so at any district police headquarters.

Following their surrender, he said owners could apply for a "use and carry" licence from the police, stating their requirements.

"Considering that there are many fake firearms in the country, we call upon their owners to turn them in to the police as it is illegal to keep them. It is an offence under Section 36 of the Arms Act 1960 to possess or import imitation firearms.

"All imitation firearms, such as BB guns, airsoft guns, paintball markers, antique guns and pistol- shaped cigarette lighters, are illegal."

Zulkifli said police had investigated 47 such cases and charged 29 people.

He said the public was only allowed to keep or own toy guns.

He said even though imitation firearms were meant to be toy guns, they were deadly as they fired pellets that could injure or kill animals.

They could be fatal to humans if the pellets hit vital organs, he added.

"Imitation or fake firearms can be used to intimidate people in a crime.

"For example, a criminal can use them to rob a bank," he said at the federal police headquarters in Bukit Aman here.

Zulkifli said the use of paintball markers, BB guns and airsoft guns for recreational and sports purposes was allowed but must be regulated.

The owners must have police permits.

"Only registered companies with a strong financial background and a paid-up capital of not less than RM400,000 will be considered for licences.

"In the case of sports clubs that allow the use of imitation firearms, (such as paintball markers), they must be endorsed by the National Sports Commission before they can apply for a licence," he said, adding that requests from individuals would not be entertained.

On another matter, Zulkifli urged the Communications and Multimedia Ministry to expedite and expand the SaveMe999 emergency response application nationwide.

At present, the android application, which is equipped with a global positioning system, is beneficial to the disabled group only.