Family of 5 waiting for new roof

MALACCA - Labourer Mohd Ridzuan Abdul Aziz and his three young children have been living inside their roofless home at Kampung Permatang Pasir here for the past week.

Many pledged assistance after a private television station reported that strong wind blew the zinc roof off his home on Aug 4.

Several community leaders had promised to replace the roof but it was not fulfilled and the family continued to live in miserable conditions with water inundating their home each time it rained.

Mohd Ridzuan, 28, said two non-governmental organisations donated a total of RM700 (S$250) but it was insufficient to replace the roof and rewire the affected areas.

He said he earned RM500 a month while his wife Nur Idayah Yusuf, 26, is a housewife.

They have three children - Mohd Fakular, five, Mohd Fariz, four, and two-year-old daughter Nur Syafiqah.

"I am ashamed at asking for help but I have no choice due to my financial constraint.

"I am not blaming anyone but I desperately need to provide a shelter for my children," he said yesterday.

Mohd Ridzuan said no one had come to have the house repaired or even assess the damage.

However, things are looking better for the family now when Selangor-based Maslow Training and Consultancy chief executive officer Dr Siraj Khan offered to repair the house.

"I will get a contractor to estimate the cost and will expedite the repair work," he said.