Family begs for safe return of kidnapped girl

Angie Tiong.

JOHOR BARU - The family of missing two-year-old Angie Tiong , who is believed to have been "kidnapped" after her father's friend took her out for a walk in mid-November, is pleading for her safe return.

Claiming to have cared for Angie since she was only five months old, aunt Tiong Mei Ling, 36, said the girl often fell ill.

"We are very worried for her health as she has a severe allergy to prawns.

"Angie is very close to my aunt and she can go on crying for hours for her, especially at night," she said when contacted here yesterday.

Tiong said she and her aunt had been caring for Angie after her mother abandoned her and returned to Vietnam.

It was reported that Angie is believed to have been "kidnapped" by her father's friend who took her for a walk from a budget hotel in Jalan Maju, Taman Pelangi, on Nov 11.

The friend apparently gave Angie's father a few thousand ringgit before disappearing with the child.

The father reportedly realised that the friend had "cheated" him only a month later, as the friend could not be reached.

Tiong said attempts to contact her brother for the past month were futile, as his mobile phone was turned off and he did not have a permanent house address.

"He stays in budget hotels, so we could not locate him until he contacted my husband a month after the incident. We have lodged a police report.

"We have been having sleepless night, we just want her back.

"Please return her to us," she said.