Family claims wrong body from mortuary

MALAYSIA - A family had claimed the body of the wrong person from a hospital's mortuary in Selangor, major Chinese dailies reported.

The unidentified family from Setapak in Kuala Lumpur was unaware about it until the family of the deceased, surname Liao, from Bahau in Negri Sembilan, called them up after tracing them last Friday.

The body was then sent back to Serdang Hospital to be exchanged with the Liao family. The family from Setapak apologised for the blunder.

Liao Chang Hao, 35, said they were shocked when the hospital told them that the body of his 73-year-old father had been claimed by another family.

"As the family had placed my father's body in a coffin, we exchanged the coffin as well because there is a belief that the body should not be removed after it had been placed in the coffin," he was quoted by China Press as saying.