Festivals bring different races together


KUALA LUMPUR - In the spirit of multi-culturalism, Malaysians of all faiths were enjoying the festive air that Christmas brings.

At the Suria KLCC shopping mall, its Christmas decorations and performances attracted a crowd of all races and religious beliefs.

Student Kuek Jia Qi, 23, who was busy taking photographs of herself and her friends in front of the mall's Christmas decorations, said she was enjoying the festive air although she is not a Christian.

"We Malaysians are lucky because our multi-cultural society means that we get to celebrate many festivals.

"I think it's fun that we can celebrate other people's festivals instead of just our own," said Kuek, who hails from Batu Pahat.

Nadimah Khairuddin, 41, is another Malaysian who is proud of the country's multi-culturalism.

"I don't celebrate Christmas but it is nice to live in a country where every festival there is to celebrate is celebrated by all," said Nadimah, a human resource professional.

"We are so used to living in a multi-cultural environment, so we are more receptive to embracing the differences in religions and cultures," she added.