Firemen rescue four-month-old baby trapped in locked car in Sarawak

SIBU - Quick action by firemen saved the life of a four-month-old baby girl who had been trapped in a car which had its engine running, after its locking system jammed.

In the 8.20am incident on Tuesday (July 2) in Kota Samarahan, the mother of the child had left her on the front passenger seat of her car that she had parked in front of a kindergarten as she dropped off another child.

She had left the engine of her car running.

The Sarawak Fire and Rescue Department said that when the mother came back, she could not open the car door.

By that time, the baby had already been trapped in the car for seven minutes.

It took four firemen five minutes to open the car door.

"The baby is in stable condition and the mother brought her home safely after that," Bomba said.

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