First-class treatment for KLIA2 passenger who lost phone

PETALING JAYA - A bank officer recovered his lost handphone in the nick of time before boarding his flight, all thanks to the swift action by security officers at the newly opened KLIA2.

Chris Lai (not his real name), who was at the airport for the first time on May 12, had forgotten to collect his handphone which he had placed in a tray during the security check.

“KLIA2 is a massive building. I walked to my boarding gate at Gate 13, only to realise that I had left my handphone.

“It was 5.30pm, just an hour before my flight back to Singapore was scheduled to take off,” he told The Star yesterday.

Lai, 53, who works in Singapore, returned to the security gate and notified the officers of his loss.

Four officers promptly attended to Lai and took him to a surveillance centre to view the CCTV visual.

Despite the more than 300 cameras around the airport and abundance of data, the team efficiently tracked the visual of Lai going through the security gate.

They also managed to find the visual of a man taking Lai’s handphone from the tray.

“One of the officers shot a photo of the suspected thief using his smartphone and shared it with his colleagues on Whatsapp. The next thing I know, they located the man at Gate 3. The man claimed he held onto my handphone for safekeeping and had tried to locate me but he was clearly lying,” Lai recalled.

The officers asked Lai if he wanted to press charges but Lai decided to let the matter go as he had recovered his handphone and did not want to miss his flight.

“The team also helped clear the path for me from Gate 1 to Gate 13. We ran all the way and they saw me off as I boarded my plane.

“It was like a scene from a movie,” he said.