First remains brought down from Malaysia's human trafficking camps

WANG KELIAN, Malaysia - The first remains from the human trafficking camps have been brought down from its campsite in three separate bags.

The highly decomposed body was found in a shack at a hill in Wang Burma here, some 1.5km from the Malaysia-Thailand border in Padang Besar, Perlis.

A team of 31 police personnel took a two-hour hike to the campsite to retrieve the body and conducted investigations at the scene.

It was brought to the police base here at 5.15pm on Monday.

Padang Besar OCPD Supt Rizani Che Ismail said the body was split into three parts when found - the head, torso and the legs.

The body parts have been sent to the mortuary to for the pathologist to determine the cause and duration of death.