Five-day work week not feasible for private sector: Malaysia ministry

KUALA LUMPUR - The Human Resources Ministry will not implement a compulsory five-day work week for the private sector yet.

Minister Datuk Seri Richard Riot Jaem said the ministry felt that it was not feasible at the moment.

"We have no objection to companies implementing a five-day work week," he said.

"However, such a rule cannot be strictly followed by all because it depends on the operating hours of each company, among other things."

The minister was responding to a request by the Malaysian Trades Union Congress, which wanted the Government to make it compulsory for the private sector to implement a five-day work week.

Referring to Section 60(A) of the Employment Act 1955 which stated that workers in the private sector were not to work beyond 48 hours a week, or eight hours a day, with at least one off-day a week, Riot said it was up to employers to decide.

"They can have five working days, five and a half or even six days a week, as long as they adhere to the Act and its contents," he said.