Five girls slapped by teacher for being noisy

MALAYSIA - Five Form Two girls were slapped with slippers by a teacher after they had apparently been noisy in the library, Oriental Daily reported.

The incident happened on Wednesday at SMK Bidor in Perak when the students were sent to the third floor library as their classroom was being used as the venue for the SPM examination.

Some of the students in the library were playing with their laptops, some were studying while others were chatting.

The woman teacher, who was passing by, was annoyed as the students were noisy.

When questioned, the students denied they had been noisy, pointing out that they had only been on their laptops and chatting softly.

The teacher reportedly lost her temper, seized a laptop and threw it on the floor.

She was also said to have threatened several students after finding a pair of slippers in the library and eventually slapping the students with them after no one answered her query as to who the slippers belonged to. One of the students' parents lodged a police report over the matter.

Although the teacher later admitted her mistake and apologised, the parents were not happy with the principal's explanation.

The principal had claimed that the teacher was under stress.