Five traders fined for having contraband cigarettes

KOTA BARU - It does not pay to make a living out of selling contraband cigarettes as one might end up having to pay a fine 10 times more than the goods sold.

At least, this was the lesson learnt by two traders who pleaded guilty in the magistrate's court here to possessing contraband cigarettes.

The two - Wan Khairul Izham Wan Mohamed, 33, and Sulaiha Abdullah, 28 - also had to endure a lecture by magistrate Nik Habri Muhammad.

The magistrate asked each of them whether it was profitable to make a living out of selling contraband goods before passing sentence. They nodded.

Wan Khairul Izham admitted to having contraband cigarettes worth RM127.54 (S$49) at his shop along Jalan Lundang here at 12.30pm on March 12.

Sulaiha admitted she had untaxed cigarettes worth RM73.76 at her shop in Kampung Khatib Ali, Jalan Bayam here at noon on March 12.

The court fined Wan Khairul Izham RM1,500 and Sulaiha RM1,000 respectively or four months' jail in default.

In Bahau, Negri Sembilan, three individuals pleaded guilty in the magistrate's court for similar offences.

R. Sivam, 44, who was found to be in possession of 140 packets of cigarettes with unpaid duties worth RM155 at a shop in Taman ACBE on June 28, 2011, was fined RM5,000 and jailed three days.

He had a previous record for a similar offence.

In another case, Abdul Rahman Fadzal Din, 57, pleaded guilty to having various brands of duty-unpaid cigarettes at a shop in Felda Serting Hilir. He was fined RM4,100.

In the third case, Zakkaria Hussain, 61, was fined RM2,000 for having 128 packets of contraband cigarettes worth RM182.40.

He committed the offence at a shop along Jalan Bukit Kikir near here on Aug 5, 2011.