Football player gets yellow card for making marriage proposal on pitch

PETALING JAYA: A football player from Guam was booked after he celebrated a superb bicycle kick goal by proposing to his girlfriend.

Napa Rovers player Ashton Surber had run to the side of the pitch, opening his jersey to reveal a shirt with the message "Marry Me" shirt after scoring the goal against Guam Shipyard in the Guam Premier Division last week.

The referee straight away showed Surber the yellow card just as he gets down on one knee to propose.

Surber then points to his girlfriend who is seated in the stands.

A player who removes his jersey after scoring a goal will be cautioned for unsporting behaviour according to FIFA regulations.

Besides winning the game 5-1 and going top of Guam's top division, reports say that Surber's girlfriend said yes to his proposal.