Forget the Honda, steal the Bentley

SINGAPORE - Stealing one car was not enough for them, so they drove back to the scene of the crime and stole another.

After stealing a Honda from a bungalow in Ipoh, the thieves returned to take the owner's prized Bentley as well.

So the car thieves drove the car back and drove away with another car from the same bungalow - a prized Bentley.

But the RM1.2 million (S$460,000) luxury car was recovered hours later, at a spot which was just a 30-minute drive from where it was stolen, The Star reported.

The businessman's son had earlier reported that his Honda CRV had been stolen. But it was found outside the bungalow before the thieves targeted the more expensive Bentley.

The owner, a "Datuk Seri", fired three shots to frighten off the thieves who broke into his bungalow.

In his haste to escape, a suspect rammed the Bentley through the gate. At the same time, another man, believed to be an accomplice, was seen scrambling over the perimeter wall of the house.

The businessman is believed to own other luxury cars, but the thieves had eyes only for the Bentley.

They sneaked into the house to get the keys of the luxury car, the report said. Nothing else was taken.

"It's a gang-related activity. We are looking for other members of the gang," Ipoh Deputy Superintendent Anuar Othman said.

He said the owner had first heard noises from the ground floor and went down to check what was happening.

Said Supt Anuar: "He saw a stranger in the living room and silently followed the suspect, who went out to the porch and got into the Bentley.

"While starting the engine, the suspect noticed the owner and tried to ram him."

That's when the owner fired three shots in the air.

Upon checking the abandoned Honda, police found a pair of jeans, underwear and socks.

Meanwhile, in another case in Kuala Lumpur, thieves struck at a businessman's home and drove off in his BMW and his wife's Mini One. This comes four months after masked robbers armed with parangs disrupted his family dinner and took away jewellery, cash and laptops from his home.

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