Four measures to advance national bumi agenda

Four measures have been an­­nounced under a strategy to advance the national bumiputra agenda.

These are increasing equity ownership, strengthening bumiputra en­­tre­­preneurship, financing for SMEs and developing human capital.

For this purpose, RM600 million (S$235 million) will be set aside for Ekuiti Nasio­nal Bhd (Ekuinas) to increase bumiputra ownership in private companies and in GLCs or government-linked companies.

There will also be efforts to further accelerate the Bumiputra Entrep­reneurs Startup Scheme (Superb) with additional allocation of RM30 million, which would also be ex­­tended to those in Sabah and Sara­wak.

This includes targeting 60 high-performing bumiputra com­panies or Teras to increase their capacity and penetrate international markets.

Another measure is a RM200 million allocation by Lembaga Tabung Haji to set up syariah-compliant Res­tricted Investment Account (RIA) under Bank Islam, which can provide financing and credit of between RM50,000 and RM1 million from January next year.

At the same time, Amanah Ikh­tiar Malaysia (AIM) will use inter­nal sour­ces of RM1.8 billion for fi­­nan­cing to benefit 346,000 Sahabat AIM.

A total of RM2 billion has also been put aside for Mara to sponsor the education and studies of eligible Bumiputra students while Yayasan Peneraju Pen­di­dikan Bumiputra will use RM72 million to put into place scholarship and training programmes, and financial assistance for 5,000 people.

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