French journalist responds on Twitter over 'protected' question

PETALING JAYA - Carrie Nooten, the French journalist who asked acting Transport Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein if he was 'protected' at the MH370 press conference on Tuesday has taken to her Twitter account to hit back at her detractors.

The France 24 correspondent posted on her @carrienooten Twitter account; "I asked naive questions but maybe time to take responsibilities #MH370: French journalist's questions stump Hisham", in which she posted a link to The Star's story which focused on her question, which drew laughter from other journalists at the press conference held at Hotel Sama-Sama in Sepang.

Nooten had responded to other netizens such as @hanimomo who asked Nooten the relevance of her question to the search for the missing Boeing 777.

"@hanimomo my question was not only if defence minister confirms he is PM's cousin, but what will cq be for the gvt administration #MH370," said Nooten.

Nooten had also attempted to clarify what she meant when she asked Hishammuddin whether he was "protected" at the press conference on Tuesday evening.

"@carrienooten: @seksiPenguin protected from being fired - sorry my English Is not that good," said Nooten.

This was however met with negative responses from Malaysians such as @JebatMustDie who said; "As of now, why should he be fired? Stopping short of calling Superman, the plane would still be missing. Your angle is wrong."

"u have no right to suggest that our Minister be fired... we can run our country quite well thank u," added @nedmohd.

At the press conference, Nooten had asked Hishammuddin "Can you confirm that you are PM Najib's cousin? Are you protected?"

Bemused by the question, he asked her which media organisation she was from before answering.

"Yes, I can confirm that Najib is my cousin, and I do not know what am I supposed to be protected from," said Hishammuddin, who is also the Defence Minister.

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