Frenchmen in M’sia feel stunned by Paris shooting

Keeping updated: Devoucoux reading The Star’s report on the terrorist attacks in Paris at La Bodega Bangsar.

KUALA LUMPUR - For French nationals working in Malaysia, their hearts bled when they heard about the terrorists' attack in Paris.

Business owner Kevin Fernbach, 31, said news about the shootings and the hostage situation in Paris affected the French community here.

"It is a hot topic of conversation now. We are stunned by the events," he said.

"I am relieved that the hostage situation has ended. But it is very sad that some of the hostages were killed," said Fernbach, who has lived in Malaysia for six years.

He added that it was tough to be far away from home when the tragedy struck but he kept himself updated with the latest news.

He also stressed that people should not link terrorism with the Muslims.

"It is important to distinguish the terrorists from ordinary Muslims," he said, adding that Malaysians had been "friendly and welcoming" to him.

For Adrien Devoucoux, 35, the Charlie Hebdo massacre was unnerving as his pa­­rents lived just 300m away from where the shootings took place.

"I called my parents immediately to find out whether everything was well (with them) as it happened very close to them," said Devoucoux, the manager for La Bodega Bangsar who has been in Malaysia for one-and-a-half years.

He said he was saddened by the events in his home country and had been following the news closely. "It is sad for everybody in France," he added.

He also insisted that "we are (standing) together with the Muslims in France as they are not responsible for this".

Devoucoux said he felt safe living in Muslim-majority Malaysia.

"It is pretty much the same living in Paris and Kuala Lumpur. Both are capital cities. The residents are a mix of different religions and ethnicities but everybody mingles well.

"It feels just like home, but the weather is better here."