Funeral preparations for late national hockey player in Malacca

Funeral preparations for late national hockey player in Malacca

MALACCA - Family members of the national hockey player Chua Boon Huat who was killed in an accident on the Damansara Puchong Highway (LDP) this morning, were seen busy making preparations for his funeral.

Chua's elder brother, Decee Chua, 39, who was in Johor, rushed back to Malacca and appeared upset but remained calm as he answered calls on his mobile phone and queries from the press.

"I received a call from my sister, Melissa Chua, 37, at around 4am and I was shocked to hear about this.

"I rushed back to Malacca immediately to help with making the funeral preparations while my mother and my sister went to Kuala Lumpur to retrieve his body," he said.

Decee, who is a regional sales manager for telecommunications company in Johor said, the last time he met his younger brother was in July, during his FIH World Hockey League in Johor Baru.

"I was there to watch his tournament but I never knew that it would be the last time I meet him," he said.

At about 11.30am just now, Decee was seen supervising the Malacca Historical City Council (MBMB) personnel who were there to set up tents in his house in Semabok Perdana.

He described Chua as a cheerful and friendly person in the family.

"I suppose the funeral would held more than two days as my brother has many friends and is well-liked," he said.

The deceased had been actively involved in hockey games when he was schooling where he represented SK Bandar Hilir in Standard four and Malacca High School while pursuing his secondary education.

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