Fury of a ditched lover

A woman who could not accept that her affair with her boyfriend had ended ran amok and threatened to blow up the man's house.

The 58-year-old woman went to the 56-year-old man's house in Lorong Bayor Bukit 18, Tabuan Jaya, Kuching, at about 9pm on Sunday and started pelting it with stones.

Not content with that, she threatened to blow up the house with a bomb.

The man, who claimed that they broke off their affair a week ago, called the police for help. However, the scorned woman escaped before the police patrol car arrived at the scene.

"The man in his statement claimed that he had evengiven the woman RM3,000 (S$986.26) as a parting gift," said a source.

The man made a police report at the Tabuan Jaya station and the matter is being investigated. The police have yet to arrest the woman.