Gang of four robs PTA members in bus


KUALA LUMPUR - A bus full of parent-teacher association members were robbed by four masked men brandishing guns and knives just after finishing a team-building camp in Kuala Kubu Baru.

A Klang secondary school headmaster said that about 30 of his staff and members of the school PTA had wrapped a weekend retreat at the Ampang Pecah Bina Semangat Camp and were about to leave for the school at about 7.30am on Sunday when they were ambushed by the robbers.

"We were all in the bus when suddenly, four men came in. They had covered their faces with cloth, three of them had parang and another pointed something that looked like a gun at the bus driver," he said.

The men terrorised the bus passengers while making their rounds collecting jewellery worth RM35,000 (S$11,500) from six of the passengers. The whole incident took minutes and the robbers fled, leaving the teachers and parents in a state of shock.

The headmaster lodged a police report at the Klang Utara station the same day.

"We are just teachers. We were all scared," said the headmaster, who requested anonymity for him and his school.