Gangsters with magic shields

MALAYSIA - Sinar Harian reported that it is common for gang members to resort to black magic to become invincible as a means to remain in power.

Founder of the At-Tobibi Islamic Treatment Centre and independent preacher Datuk Shamsuri Shafie claimed gang members need to be brave as they are involved in crime and some would seek the help of talismans, charms or chants to make them invincible.

"With such powers they become braver and have no fear of acting beyond the norm. This is because they are obsessed with staying in power in their respective areas," he claimed.

Shamsuri, who claimed to be a former gang member himself, said there were various forms of black magic used by gang members such as susuk (inserting needles into the body), chants and special rings.

"There is a former gang member who used susuk all over his body to make himself invincible. With these susuk, there is no weapon that is able to penetrate him," he claimed, adding that his help was sought to remove the susuk.

However, he said using such items had its superstitious beliefs that have to be followed such as refraining from eating pisang emas (a type of banana) and passing under a clothes line," he said.

He claimed he was also involved in treating six other former gang members who had repented and wanted to leave their gangs.

Shamsuri said the lack of religion may be why some gang members resort to black magic, adding that as Muslims, those involved with gangs should quit and repent.