Ghostly tale: Condo for sale, comes with permanent roommate

A decade ago, project manager Gerard Raj, then in his 20s, bought a second-hand condo in Kelana Jaya, Petaling Jaya, and thought he had made a sweet deal. But the unit came with an occupant.

Gerard stayed there for a week at first, and nothing happened. It was only after he moved in a month and a half later that the unnerving disturbances started.

"While watching TV, it would be tuned to a Chinese channel. The lights in the master bedroom and toilet could not be switched off. Once, I heard the toilet door creak while I was sleeping," he recalled.

After his shower one day, he noticed the master bedroom door was open although he had shut it earlier.

There was another time after he had gone to bed when he heard someone running from the toilet to the hall. The room light, which could not be switched off, suddenly went out!

"It freaked me out," he said, adding that he could always feel someone staring at him from the doorway.

"That night, I prayed very hard and barely slept. When my phone alarm went off at 5am, I quickly changed and left for work without even showering."

That night, he returned to his new condo with his father, whom he invited to stay the night.

Both father and son sat down to watch TV. His father smoked, and could make out the outline of a figure in the exhaled smoke. "My father grabbed my hand and dragged me out to eat. We left without switching off the TV and never returned home," he said. The next day, he moved back in with his father.

The condo was vacant for five months before Gerard found a tenant. After the first month, the tenant - who had two young children - made the same complaint about the master bedroom light. The family stayed for six months before vacating the place.

Apparently, the tenant called in an imam when he noticed his three-year-old talking to the wall in the master bedroom. The imam advised the family to move out as the condo has "bad energy". The tenant did not mind forfeiting his deposit for breaching the tenancy agreement, saying his family's lives were more important.

The next tenant, a foreigner, rented the condo five months after the previous one moved out.

"For a year, he did not complain. When I visited him, I found that he travelled regularly for work," Gerard said. The second year, the tenant travelled less and that's when he started to complain about the latch on the toilet door which opened by itself, and being unable to change the channel on the television.

The tenant eventually bought the unit, as he did not believe in paranormal activity, dismissing it as "wonky superstitions". Eight months later, he called Gerard to help him find an exorcist.

"He had the creepy feeling that someone was watching him. His girlfriend also complained about someone trying to touch her in bed and staring at her while she was in the shower," he said. The disturbances would start at about 11pm and continue until 3am.

A Christian priest came to cleanse the house. Two months after that, the owner put the unit up for sale, and that was the last Gerard ever heard about his haunted condo.