Girl suffers a year of abuse

MALAYSIA - A five-year-old girl suffered grievous injuries on her body including cigarette burns on her private parts, allegedly at the hands of her father, reported Harian Metro.

The abuse is believed to have started more than a year ago. Her mother did not reveal the matter to anyone as she feared for her own safety.

A police source said the case came to light when a neighbour, in her 40s, insisted on sending the girl to the Ampang Hospital on Wednesday, even as the mother tried to stop her.

The source said the girl had a shaven head while her body bore marks believed to have been caused by whipping with a hanger and belt, as well as scald marks.

The doctor, who checked on the girl, lodged a police report.

The girl's mother has been taken in to help in investigations while the father is on the run.

It is learnt that the girl and her three-year-old brother are now under the Welfare Department's care.

The brother was also abused but not as severely as the girl.