God, help my dad home safely

She's touched thousands on Twitter. She's moved them to sharing words of comfort and encouragement. Strangers have vowed to keep her family in their prayers.


Miss Maira Elizabeth Nari, 18, has shared her thoughts on Twitter and, in a way, has shown the emotional roller-coaster ride by families of the missing victims.

She has gone from being wistful to hopeful to a tinge of frustration as each day ends in disappointment.

While she appreciates the wave of warmth her tweets have garnered, all she wants is for her father to return home safe and alive.

"God.... The only thing I want is my father..... Nothing, but my father. I want my father back." she tweeted via her Twitter handle, Gorgxous_, at 12.06pm on Saturday, hours after Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 was reported missing.

Her father is Mr Andrew Nari, 49, the chief steward on board the missing plane.

Miss Nari has been maintaining a steady stream of tweets since she first found out about the missing plane.

At first, she was optimistic.

"I know he'll come home safely, cause he has to see my future together with my mom." She has a younger brother, aged 13.

Miss Nari recounted how her father would make sure she slept early.

"Normally at this hour, before my dad goes to bed, he would tell me this, 'Don't sleep so late okay'.

Her optimism was perhaps reflected in tweets that spoke to him directly.

"Come home fast, dad.. It's the only thing I want..."

Uploading an old photo of her family, she tweeted on Monday: "& until today, we are still waiting for you, dad."


Her initial tweets resonated not only among Malaysians, but also internationally.

She was buoyed by the response.

"I'd like to thank everyone for their concern towards my dad and the whole passengers of flight #MH370.

"Only God can repay your kindness.."

Twitter user SaraaaRawr tweeted to Miss Nari: "I may not know you, but stay strong. And keep praying!"

Tweeted Miss Nari: "I don't know how to thank all of you. The supports (sic), the love, the kindness. How thoughtful of each & everyone of you. God bless all of you."

In another tweet, Miss Nari wrote: "It's very nice, kind and thoughtful of Tun Dr Mahathir and his loving wife to give us the support we need. God bless them. :')"

She was referring to former Malaysian Premier Dr Mahathir Mohamad and his wife, who were reported to have been among those who comforted families at the Everly Hotel in Putrajaya, where the victims' family members have gathered.

In other postings, she said: "Thousands of mentions received. I feel guilty for not replying each and everyone of you. Thank you for all your supports and prayers. :') x"

"It's nice to see our Malaysians with different religion & races are praying for MH370. Thank you so much for all the prayers. God bless. :')"

"Since almost everybody is asking about my mom, she's okay. She's standing real strong. & with the support we received, we're okay."

Love and support for MAS crew fills social media


After another day went by without any progress in the search and rescue efforts, she turned wistful.

"It has been more than 24 hours, and I'm tired of waiting. Sigh.. :'("

"Don't forget to eat your dinner. You must be starving. :'/ Sigh.."

"My dad and all the other crews, together with the passengers of MH370 must be so happy that the whole world is praying for them! :'D"

"Daddy. You're all over the news and papers. Come home fast, so you could read them! Don't you feel excited? :'D"


She was quick to respond to Internet users who speculated about the plane's fate.

"Stop spreading rumours. It's sickening."

"I am just so sick and tired with rumours about the aircraft. Sigh.. :'("

"...Jokes about MH370? It's not a laughing matter."


Throughout the experience, Miss Nari has maintained a sense of hope.

"Have faith, dear self. Daddy's fine."

"God is just so great, and I believe that He is protecting all the crew and passengers. #MH370"

"Thank you for all your prayers. My dad must be happy. I can't wait to see my dad! :'D"

"God is protecting you, dad. Just hold on! :'D"

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Love and support for MAS crew fills social media