Gold diggers use black magic

MALAYSIA - Foreign "gold diggers" have no qualms using black magic to charm their way into the hearts and pockets of their bosses, reported Metro Ahad.

They initially came to Malaysia to work in factories, but found out that seducing their bosses was more lucrative.

Among those interviewed was Nirwati, a 21-year-old Indonesian, who admitted using black magic to keep her married factory supervisor, Malik, hooked on her.

"Like other people, I did not come empty-handed. I learnt some black magic while in Lombok. I have used it on Malik when I suspected he was only fooling around with me and was not serious," she said.

Although married for only four years, Malik soon began to neglect his wife and three children.

Nirwati said Malik, who is in his early 30s, started spending more time with her.

"He gave me anything I wanted. Money, jewellery and clothes as long as I fulfilled his sexual desires," she said.

This continued for about a year until Malik became broke and Nirwati switched jobs.

However, she played one last trick on Malik by telling him she was pregnant and needed money to return home for an abortion.

She also said her mother in Lombok was seriously ill and needed RM30,000.

Malik, who was still madly in love with her, took a personal loan and gave her the money.

Nirwati then moved to Petaling Jaya and completely severed ties with him.