Government committed to equipping Gen-Y for the future

NUSAJAYA, Malaysia - The Government is committed in preparing the nation for the Gen-Y or the younger generation, said Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak.

Times were constantly changing and while it was difficult to predict the future, the Government hoped to prepare Gen-Y to face whatever that might come their way, he said.

"It is hard for us to imagine the technological and lifestyle advancements of the future and it is definitely a challenge for us to prepare our younger generation to face an unknown future," he said at the launch of the Gen-Y festival and the launch of EduCity at the Iskandar Malaysia Educity sports complex here yesterday.

Najib stressed that it was important to instil good values in the younger generation and ensure that they were educated well with a good sense of their identity and morally strong.

"If the younger generation has all these positive values, it will guarantee a bright future for our nation," he said, adding that the Government also had to shift with the times.

He said that it was no longer possible to practise top down management, as the younger generation did not like being told what they could or could not do.

"Instead, we have to present them with information with the hope that they will make the informed choices and decisions," he said.

Najib said that Educity in Iskandar Malaysia, Legoland Malaysia, Pinewood Studios, Malborough College and the setting up of other international institutions were a sign that the country was on the right track to success.

"We have to prepare the younger generation so that they will continue to lead our country to achieve greatness," he said.