Grenade scare near bus terminal

KLANG - A row of shops near the Klang Sentral bus terminal was thrown into a state of chaos when a hand grenade was found in the vicinity.

Klang North police chief ACP Shukor Sulong said the grenade was found with its triggering pin pulled out.

However, it had failed to explode.

"By right, it should have exploded but it did not go off because it was old and rusty," said ACP Shukor, adding that the grenade would have caused a lot of destruction if it had exploded.

The grenade was found on the grassy stretch in front of the shops.

According to ACP Shukor, police were informed about the grenade by passers-by at about 10.00am yesterday.

"We arrived here soon after and upon investigation found that it was a live grenade," ACP Shukor told reporters at the site of the incident.

A bomb squad team from the Selangor police headquarters detonated the grenade at a nearby open area, creating a loud explosion and slight tremor at about 12.30pm.

ACP Shukor said that police were investigating every possibility on how the grenade found its way there.

"We are not dismissing the possibility that it had been discarded. We are investigating to find out who threw it away," he said, adding that the grenade did not belong to the military or police arsenal.

He said CCTV footage only covered the shops' corridors and did not extend to the area in front of the shops.

ACP Shukor said no arrests had been made so far and the man detained in the vicinity was someone related to another case.

Speaking on another matter, he said four locals and two foreigners, a Bangladeshi and a Myanmar national, were detained over the kidnap of a Bangladeshi and two Myanmar nationals on March 16.

The three were kidnapped at the Meru market and held for ransom at a hotel here.

Police raided a house and detained two of the suspects, who then led them to the hotel room where the victims were rescued and the rest of the suspects were nabbed.