Guard emptying pistol accidently shoots his foot

KUALA LUMPUR - The saying "shooting oneself in the foot" came painfully and literally true for one security guard who was emptying his pistol at the Datuk Keramat Sports Complex here.

Mohd Farhizal Mohd Mustaffa, 30, is now being treated at the Hospital Kuala Lumpur for a gunshot wound to his left foot.

Acting Wangsa Maju OCPD Deputy Supt A. Asmadi Abdul Aziz said during the 11.40pm incident on Saturday, Mohd Farhizal was trying to empty his pistol when it went off.

"We received an alert that the security guard had accidentally fired his pistol, shooting himself in the foot.

"His colleague, who was with him at the time, called for an ambulance," DSP Asmadi said.

"He was immediately rushed to the Hospital Kuala Lumpur."

DSP Asmadi said a team was also dispatched to the scene to retrieve the 9mm pistol and 12 bullets, including the empty bullet casing.

"Checks revealed that Mohd Farhizal works as a security guard for the sports complex as well as for a money changer," he said, adding that the guard had a permit to carry the firearm.

He said no element of foul play was involved.