Gutsy housewife overpowers snatch thief

A gutsy housewife punched a snatch thief repeatedly in the chest until he dropped the gold chain he had grabbed from her.

Harian Metro reported that Salmah Alias, 44, had chased after the thief, who was trying to flee on his motorcycle, before punching him.

"I somehow found the courage even though I knew there was a chance that he might have a weapon," said Salmah, who sustained injuries on her neck.

She was heading home on her Yamaha Ego Scooter at about 1.40pm on Wednesday in Kuala Pilah after sending her child to school.

"On my way home, I realised that I was being followed by a man on a blue Yamaha.

"When we reached a secluded lane, he suddenly approached me and grabbed my dress and necklace," she said, adding that her gold necklace then came off.

It was then that Salmah rushed towards the man and punched him in the chest until he dropped the chain and fled.

Kuala Pilah OCPD Supt Azmi Abdul Rahim confirmed receiving a report on the case.