Hawker vents frustration on five-year-old daughter

Posed photo of a girl crying and covering her eyes and someone holding a cane.

A five-year-old girl has been allegedly tortured by her mother since opening a stall in a restaurant in Skudai, Johor, Guang Ming Daily reported.

A hawker claimed that the woman would always hit the girl and this had been going on for the past three months.

"My wife has tried to stop the woman several times," he said, adding that he once saw the woman pour hot water on the girl.

State Welfare Department officers went to check on the mother and daughter on Monday and took the girl to a hospital for a medical check-up.

The woman said she would not go to the hospital because her daughter may not want to see her.

Her former husband, she said, had left them without paying any alimony.

"I am a single mother. I have to work hard to give my girl the best education," she said, adding that she accidently poured hot soup on her daughter when the girl bumped into her at the stall.

She was confident that the medical report would clear her name.