Haze worsens due to peat fires and farm burning

PETALING JAYA: Trans boundary haze, peat fires and agriculture land burning are contributing to the high air pollutant index in the Klang Valley. Selangor State Executive Councillor Elizabeth Wong said things took a turn for the worse on Wednesday night.

"This year we have recorded over 2000 case in Selangor within February alone compared to last year's 200 cases. Everything has become a fire hazard," she added.

She said the state is doing everything they can to control the local fire sources to ensure it does not contribute to the haze.

Meawhile Andalas Fire Station Chief, Zulkepeli Othman echoed Wong's statement adding that fires in Johan Setia Klang and along the Kesas Highway are contributing to the high air pollutant index in Klang, Shah Alam and Subang.

He said apart from smaller fires in Klang, the peat fires in Johan Setia, Jalan Kebun and Jalan Kebun Baru has made things worse.

Attributing agricultural burning as the cause, he said the wind has brought the fire closer to the residential area in Jalan Sopan.

"We are currently trying to manage all the fires around Klang and nearby Shah Alam.

"The fire here (Jalan Sopan) escalated quickly and we were afraid for the safety of nearby residents," he said when met at the fire scene at noon on Thursday.