He 'constantly sodomised' me

A woman has decided to file for divorce after she had enough of her husband who constantly sodomised her, Harian Metro reported.

The daily reported that the 30-year-old man started sodomising his wife for about a year and the act caused her to be in constant pain and in need of medical treatment.

According to a police source, the woman, who lives in Cheras, claimed that her husband had started committing the act after being addicted to watching pornographic DVDs.

The woman claimed that the husband's hobby was buying and watching the pornographic materials and later emulating the extreme sexual acts on her.

"The latest incident occurred on Nov 20 when the man forcefully sodomised the woman even though she asked him to stop," said the source.

The source told the daily that the woman and their two children were constantly subjected to verbal abuse by her husband if she did not give in to his sexual demands.

"Pushed to a corner, the woman finally decided to run away from the house together with their children," said the source, adding that she has also lodged a police report and filed for divorce with the religious department.