Heavy traffic at Woodlands Checkpoint as many return home after CNY weekend

PETALING JAYA - It was a less than pleasant Sunday drive as traffic to major cities came to a crawl with thousands heading back from their hometowns, after the Chinese New Year weekend.

The Star Radio Group's Twitter account, @mytraffic tweeted that traffic remained at a 20 KM crawl from Senawang to Seremban R&R and warned that delays were expected from Nilai to Seremban, due to heavy volume of vehicles.

The Malaysian Highway Authority (MHA) traffic monitoring division reported that traffic started to build up by the afternoon and was expected to worsen by evening.

The Authority said traffic along the North-South Expressway (NSE) headed back to KL was slow starting at the Ayer Keroh toll in Malaccas and from Pedas Linggi to Seremban in Negri Sembilan.

They recommended using the Kajang-Seremban Highway (LEKAS) as an alternative to the NSE, saying LEKAS was still clear as of 2.30pm and tended not to get congested.

MHA also reported heavy traffic Southbound on the NSE, with a choke point at Simpang Pulai, and from Sungai Perak to the Menora tunnel.

PLUS's twitter, @plustrafik informed that as of 3.10pm, congestion from Air Hitam (South bound) headed to Machap, Johor was caused by an accident at KM80 that was obstructing the emergency lane.

A separate accident at 1.40pm has also caused a 5KM long backlog from Bidor (North bound) headed to Tapah, Perak, but was resolved by 2.30pm.

PLUS also recorded that traffic on both sides of the Penang Bridge was clear at 10.50am, but started to build up heading back to the island by 12:28pm.

The Singapore's Land Transport Authority cameras showed bumper to bumper traffic spanning the length of the Woodlands Causeway (headed to Woodlands) since Sunday morning.