Higher salaries for Penang assemblymen expected, Johor mooting increase

GEORGE TOWN, Malaysia - Penang is expected to increase the salary and allowances of its 40 assemblymen, taking the lead from Selangor - but at a lower quantum.

The increase will see the salary of assemblyman from RM4,112.79 (S$1600) to RM6,000.

Allowances for the assemblymen will also be increased from RM2,000 to RM5,500, comprising special allowances (RM1,500), driver fixed allowances (RM1,500), fixed transport allowance (RM1,000), miscellaneous allowances (RM1,000) and housing allowance (RM500).

In total, this will increase remuneration for assemblymen from the current RM6,112.79 to RM11,500.

It is believed that the announcement will be announced by Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng at the end of the state legislative meeting on Dec 19.

Meanwhile, in KLUANG, the Johor state government is studying a proposal to increase the salaries of its elected representatives, but at a lesser scale than that of the Selangor state assembly.

Johor Mentri Besar Datuk Seri Mohamed Khaled Nordin said he felt that Selangor's new salary scale state was too high.

He said Johor was looking at suitable salary hike and the focus would be on elected representatives.

"Even there is an increment, it will be insignificant for Mentri Besar and exco (member positions)," he said, adding that the Mentri Besar receives a salary for both positions.

"Those who have to work more are elected representatives, thus the increment here will not be like Selangor.

When asked whether the salary increment in Johor would happen next year, Mohamed Khaled said no decision was made yet as Johor's elected-representatives were "not desperate".

The salaries of the Mentri Besar, executive councillors, Speaker, deputy Speaker and assemblymen of Selangor will be increased by up to nearly 400 per cent next year.

Increases ranging from 87 per cent to 373 per cent were passed at the state legislative assembly following approval by the executive council on Nov 22.