HIV man's loyal wives

MALAYSIA - A 46-year-old man thought his two wives would divorce him and his life would end when a doctor confirmed he was infected with HIV.

Fortunately for him, Mohamad Wahid said they did not desert him and instead, all of them were living happily together with their children, reported Harian Metro.

It took him a long time before he broke the news to his wives, Mariani Sulaiman, 46, and Hashimawa Has-him, 36, he said in Kuala Lumpur.

"After a long time, I told them the truth. At first they were shocked but they accepted it as fate.

"I gave them a choice as to whether they want to continue the marriage or leave me because I do not want them to suffer living with someone who is HIV-infected," said Mohamad Wahid, who was infected from a blood transfusion.

Due to medication and the doctor's continuous monitoring, Moha-mad Wahid said he did not face any problem having sex with his wives.

"The biggest problem faced by people infected with HIV like me is the stigma and wrong perception so much so we are sidelined."

"Actually, the latest treatment has enabled us to lead a normal life," he said.