Hot game, lukewarm sales

Cheaper alternative: Jersey designs similar to that of the World Cup teams are available in Petaling Street.

KUALA LUMPUR - While World Cup action is heating up in samba-land, sales of jerseys are low at a bargain-hunters' heaven here.

Petty traders in the popular shopping strip of Petaling Street said there was low demand for the shirts, even as the greatest show on earth currently under way in Brazil is now entering the quarter-final stage.

Interest in the shirts, which are priced considerably lower than the official merchandise, is less this round compared to previous editions, according to some of the vendors.

Peter Hew, 65, who has been operating in Petaling Street for 50 years, said only a handful of visitors were looking for team jerseys of the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

"Regardless of which team wins or loses, not many are looking for the jerseys.

"I still have those of Brazil, Argentina and France but these will be the last of my stock," he said.

Lim Jia Wen, 26, who began operating his stall last November, said the supply of World Cup jerseys was significantly lower this time, despite the hype and excitement generated on the pitch of the quadrennial event.

"Currently, I only have Spain and Argentina jerseys while Brazil and Germany's are out of stock.

"I want to stock up more but the suppliers have stopped producing them," he said, adding that most of his customers were tourists.

Another trader, who wanted to be known only as Chan, said most customers did not really look for the jerseys.

"Sales were better during the last World Cup in South Africa. This time it's really slow," he added.

A check around the area showed that not many stalls displayed the World Cup jerseys for sale. The few that did were low in stock. Only a couple of stalls still had a fair variety of World Cup jerseys.

One vendor, who declined to be named, admitted that he did not want to get into trouble with the authorities over the sale of non-official World Cup merchandise.